2016 ~ Week Four.

Day 22: Night

Day 23: Play

Day 24: Sneaky Treat

Day 25: Numbers

Day 26: Australia Day

Day 27: Simplicity

Day 28: Smile


Trying...  To make some good habits! I'm trying to get myself into a healthier way of thinking. This means aying attention to what I'm actually eating and pushing myself to workout more.

Making...  Plans to go to Bali! Flights and accommodation have been booked, now it's just figuring out what we actually want to see and do.

Wishing...  It was pay day. This day does not seem to come around enough.

Seeing...  Perth Fringe Festival shows. I love this time of year when the city just seem to come alive with people and events. I've just seen two Fringe Festival sows and I'm definitely wanting to see more!

Thinking...  About the future. What exactly is my superannuation? How much should I be trying to put away? How can I do that and save money at the same time? Being an adult is hard...


101 in 1001 Progress

#15 Go to 20 shows/events {Luminous, The Road That Never Was}
#73 Try 20 new restaurants {Babooshka, Cafe2twentyfour, Milk & Honey}
#90 Read 20 books I have not read before {Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch}

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