2016 ~ Week Three.

Day 15: Mail

Day 16: Quotes

Day 17: Birthday

Day 18: White

Day 19: In the hand

Day 20: Patterns

Day 21: Morning


Eating... You know how you can make mugcakes? Well I decided to make a mugcookie using this recipe. It took me less than five minutes and it was delicious! Next time I make one though I will definitely be sharing, it was a bit of a sugar overload!

Waiting... For Australia Day! Not only is it a public holiday but it is the day that the BF flies back home (FIFO life, aye). 3 days left...

Enjoying... House sitting! It's nice to have a whole house to yourself for a week. No one to judge when you're feeling too lazy to make dinner, so you have cheese and crackers and the chance to be as loud as I want in the mornings. Bliss!

Wearing... I took advantage of Modcloth's recent sale and I bought some new dresses! These are the ones here, here and here. They're a little different to what I usually wear but it always fun to try on something new!

Trying... New recipes! My Pinterest addiction has inspired me to try some new recipes but... they haven't always worked. Some have just not worked and others have just tasted plain weird.


101 in 1001 Progress

Nothing new to report!

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