2016 ~ Week Two.

Day 8: Landscape

Day 9: Shoes

Day 10: Lucky

Day 11: Dessert

Day 12: Today I Wore

Day 13: Three of a Kind

Day 14: Close Up


Watching...  The Shannara Chronicles. This new TV series is based on the high fantasy Shannara series written by Terry Brooks. I'm four episode in and I'm already addicted! It's been described as Tolkien meets George Lucas and I think that is a pretty good description of what you can expect. The Shannara Chronicles follow a group of hero's on their quest to prevent the Ellcrys tree from dying, thus unleashing and army of demons and causing the end of the world.

Reading...  Lady of No Man's Land by Jeanne Williams. Kirsten is Swedish immigrant intent on running her own homestead and this book follows her on her journey exploring the wild plains and saving enough money to build a home. Combining the western and romance genres this book is definitely a guilty pleasure!

Playing...  Munchkin! This card game spoofs major role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and is absolute hilarious with item cards like 'Knee Pads of Allure' and 'Rat on a Stick. I was given an expansion pack for Christmas, so it's been one of my go to games this month

Waiting...  On packages! I've ordered a few things online and I'm desperately waiting for them to arrive.

Doing... Through Open Universities Australia, I have just started my first free online course. The one I'm doing is called Becoming Human: Anthropology (BeHuman) and runs for about a month. It focuses on evolution, including how we evolved from primates and became human. Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it!


101 in 1001 Progress

Nothing new to report!

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